Professional Scouts Wanted

Baseball Digest offers a great chance for you to have a second income evaluating the talent level of amateur baseball players. Whether you enjoy getting out once a week or once a month, we’ve got exciting opportunities for you. Our target market is high school players that we short-form privately for parents. Get back to work – stay in the game.

We’re owned by Norman Jacobs (Baseball Digest) who is also a limited owner in the Chicago Bulls with Jerry Reinsdorf. Our platform manages all communication with the client but we do expect your voice to be available to college coaches or MLB personnel who may call asking about an evaluation you did.

Requirements: you must have area level or higher experience with a club or the Bureau for more than 3 years. No exceptions. Your reports will be entered into our online system so you’ll also need access to a computer and need to have basic computing skills. You’ll also need transportation to and from the fields in your area.

Income: Our platform allows you to be compensated for being the professional you are. Those with 10+ years with a club earn the highest rate.

Travel: None is required outside your area.

Questions? Interested? Please leave us your information below. You will be contacted by one of our scouts typically within 24 hours.

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